Welcome to The Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation

The Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation was officially launched on the 24th of October 2011 where President Zuma gave the Inaugural Lecture. In his speech he mentioned that, ‘The values of unity, selflessness, sacrifice, collective leadership, humility, honesty, discipline, hard work, internal debates, constructive criticism and self-criticism and mutual respect, encapsulate what President Tambo stood for.’ It’s with these words in mind that the foundation aims to address issues of socio-economic upliftment and advancement, education, women’s empowerment and the promotion of arts, culture and heritage initiatives.

Impact on the quality of life by consolidating and promoting a value-based society.

1. To celebrate the contribution made by Oliver and Adelaide Tambo to South Africa’s democracy.
2. To promote and protect their vision of a just, open inclusive and equitable society.
3. To preserve and profile the life, legacy vision and values of Oliver and Adelaide Tambo.
4. To gather, collate, document, preserve and exhibit material and media relating to Oliver and Adelaide Tambo.
5. To guide, enable and facilitate third party legacy projects and events honouring the memory of Oliver and Adelaide Tambo.
6. To initiate heritage projects that honour the generational collective leadership of the ANC and the many individuals who in each era of our struggle made a sterling contribution to freedom and democracy.
7. To chart and define national and International Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Heritage Route.
8. To hold an Annual “Oliver Tambo Memorial Lecture”.
9. To engage in national and community projects promoting social upliftment, education and poverty alleviation.
10. To facilitate and engage in projects aimed at the specific empowerment, education and socio-economic upliftment of women.
11. To work with government, municipalities, NGO’s, unions and other stakeholders in the name and memory of Oliver and Adelaide Tambo.