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May 2019

Tambo in Exile

This dialogue seeks to explore how Tambo, during his time in exile, was able to create an organisation with units that mirrored those of a successfully functioning state – that included an army, chief representatives, doctors, nurses, and journalists – and spread across geographical boundaries. How was this managed, how effective was it, what were the challenges, and how were they overcome? The dialogue will also touch on the South Africa that Tambo envisioned and how far we've come 25 years into democracy. ...
09 May - 15 May
08:00 AM
July 2019

Adelaide Tambo Month

The month of July is dedicated to Adelaide Tambo in recognition of her unwavering commitment to the liberation struggle. ...
01 Jul - 31 Jul
08:00 AM

Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton Conference will give young people an opportunity to learn from those who learned from O.R. Tambo. The conference will highlight the role that the Tambo values - integrity, selflessness, humility and mutual respect - play in ensuring a free South Africa and how critical they remain in safeguarding the freedoms we enjoy today. This inter-generational workshop will bring together people who benefited from Tambo’s expertise, guidance, and mentorship, and passes lessons on to 300 young people between the ages of 16 and 35. The conference will touch on topical issues in the fields of: Ethics and politics; land reform and constitutionalism; the media; SMMEs, and arts & culture. ...
10 Jul - 17 Jul
08:00 AM

Dinner at Ma’Tambo’s

The 18th of July 2019 marks what would have been Mama Adelaide Tambo’s 90th Birthday. Mama Tambo, as she was affectionately known, was an activist and freedom fighter in her own right. At 18, she was elected a chairperson of the ANC Youth League George Goch Branch. In order to celebrate this important milestone, the Foundation will be holding a play at the Market Theatre entitled Dinner at Ma'Tambo's. Dinner at Ma’ Tambo’s, explores the contribution of women freedom fighters, both known and unknown. What would they say were they confronted with the issues faced by South African women in 2019? ...
11 Jul - 17 Jul
08:00 AM

Where Are the Women?

Statistics show that more women graduate from tertiary institutions, both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level, than their male counterparts. And yet, the South African labour market shows that men are more likely to have paid employment than women, regardless of race. We are hosting a dialogue to find out where then do the women go and what we can do to fix this.  ...
12 Jul - 17 Jul
08:00 AM
August 2019


As the world continues to make rapid technological advancements it has become clear that the youth will be at the forefront of the next wave of global growth and development. South Africa, which has an extremely high youth unemployment rate, needs to be at the cutting edge of this wave in order to remain globally competitive, and address the challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality. This project aims to equip young people in Westbury, Johannesburg, with coding skills. This will enable them to take advantage of opportunities and be pioneers of this new era, finding innovative ways to solve African problems. ...
14 Aug
08:00 AM

Nkantolo Education Project

The Foundation has adopted four schools in Nkantolo, the birthplace of Oliver Tambo, whose girl learners we supply with sanitary towels. Sadly, as with many areas of South Africa, this area is still severely impoverished. As a result, many girls miss school every month during their menstruation cycles, due to the inaccessibility and unaffordability of sanitary towels. Biannually, the Foundation distributes a 6-month supply of sanitary towels and a booklet on puberty to 1400 girls. With every visit, a health and hygiene talk is provided where the girls are encouraged to raise concerns and ask questions about their changing bodies. ...
21 Aug
08:00 AM
October 2019

Oliver Tambo Month

The month of October is dedicated to Oliver Tambo in recognition of his unwavering commitment to the liberation struggle. ...
01 Oct - 31 Oct
08:00 AM

Songs that made us free

On the 16th of October 2019, the Foundation, in partnership with renowned The Liberation Project music producer Dan Chiorboli, will be hosting a concert at the world-famous, bastion of the anti-apartheid struggle, the Market Theatre, in Johannesburg, titled “Songs That Made Us Free”. Music played a key role in both driving change and creating harmony during the Apartheid Regime. It allowed international audiences a view into the injustices suffered by the oppressed racial groups in South Africa. This event offers us an opportunity to showcase our fight for liberation to the world. ...
24 Oct
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Oliver Tambo Memorial Lecture

The Oliver Tambo Memorial Lecture is held annually to honour and celebrate the memory of O.R. Tambo. The lecture will explore the role of arts and culture in promoting freedom, dignity, humanity, unity and social cohesion. Arts and culture can be more effectively employed in the future to positively impact our individual and national growth. O.R. Tambo was a multi-faceted individual. He had many passions, ranging from politics and history to science, mathematics, golf, and choral music. He even composed choral music and conducted choirs in his free moments.  ...
25 Oct
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Tambo in the Park

Taking place on O.R.’s birthday, the 27th of October, the family-friendly celebration is an event that will bring together young and old, black and white, rich and poor – as did Tambo. Taking place in the Tambos’ Gauteng home, Ekurhuleni, Tambo in the Park is a daylong concert with performances, an exhibition, a film screening, and a children’s play area. The day pays homage to O.R.’s love of arts & culture. Come and join us in celebrating what would’ve been O.R.’s 102nd birthday. ...
27 Oct
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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