July 2019

Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton Conference gives young people an opportunity to learn from those who learned from O.R. Tambo. The conference will highlight the role that the Tambo values play in ensuring a free South Africa and how critical they remain in safeguarding the freedoms we enjoy today. This inter-generational workshop seeks to bring together people who benefited from Tambo’s expertise, guidance and mentorship, and give them the opportunity to pass these skills down to 300 young people between the ages of 16 – 25. Older experts in the various fields – constitutionalism, arts, gender inclusivity, to name a few – will be interviewed by young experts in the same fields, in front of an audience of 16-25-year olds exploring the idea of careers in similar industries. ...
10 Jul - 17 Jul
08:00 AM

Dinner at MaTambo’s

The 18th of July 2019 marks what would have been Mama Adelaide Tambo’s 90th Birthday. Ma’ Tambo, as she was affectionately known, was an activist in her own right. In order to celebrate this important milestone, the Foundation has will be holding a play at the Market Theatre. Dinner at Ma’ Tambo’s, looks at what some of the doyens of our liberation, both known and unknown, would say were they confronted with the issues faced by South African women in 2019. What would they think? What lessons would they give us? Would they be able to draw parallels from their own struggles and apply them to the gender space in today’s South Africa? ...
11 Jul - 17 Jul
08:00 AM

Where Are the Women?

Statistics show that more women graduate from tertiary institutions, both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level, than their male counterparts. And yet, the South African labour market is more favourable to men than it is to women, and men are more likely to have paid employment than women, regardless of race. Where then do the women go? Most importantly, what can we do to harness the educational dividend of women? Taking place in July, Adelaide Tambo Month, the dialogue pays homage to her legacy by espousing her passion for education and the multi-faceted roles she played as a woman – such as nurse, mother, caregiver, wife, and freedom fighter. ...
12 Jul - 17 Jul
08:00 AM
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