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NDP Debate & Dialogue Series

Absa elected to sponsor the Foundation as an indication of its commitment to the development of strategies for the implementation of select chapters of the National Development Plan (NDP). The sponsorship sought to highlight the importance of sustaining a mutually beneficial relationship between government, the private- and public sectors, and ordinary South Africans. As a good corporate citizen and a key role-player in the South African economy, Absa was intent on contributing to a platform where important issues, such as the NDP and topical issues facing South Africa, were addressed and debated. Absa’s funding was used to co-host three discussions at two tertiary institutions, namely, the Gordon Institute of Business Science and the University of Stellenbosch Business School. The discussions involved an array of government officials, academics, luminaries, visionaries and subject matter experts.

The objective of the series was to lead and stimulate discussions across stakeholders with regards to various topical issues facing South Africa, and their relation to the NDP. The series sought to focus on the interaction between the State and society, thus contributing to good governance, inclusivity and social cohesion. By identifying opportunities and constraints of policy implantation in the context of the NDP, the series hoped to provide insight and understanding into the evidentiary requirements of decision- and policy makers. Following each discussion, and then again at the end of the series, a post-event report, detailing the outcomes of the event and the relevant arising questions and proposed recommendation, would be developed and disseminated for the purpose of informing relevant stakeholders and the wider South African audience, as well as stimulating further discussions and amending policy implementation infrastructure.

OR Tambo Debate Series

In 2014, the Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation in association with the Wits School of Governance, launched the OR Tambo Debate Series with the purpose being to consider the interaction between the vision as stated in the National Development Plan and its institutionalised operation. The purpose of the debates is to shift entrenched positions, break frames and enable new perspectives and implementation solutions to emerge.


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Tambo And Mandela in Conversation

Tambo and Mandela had a unique relationship that started when they first met at the University of Fort Hare, and continued throughout their lives until Tambo’s passing in 1993. Theirs was a strong bond that saw them rise to be international leaders, showcasing selflessness, humility and collaboration beyond life’s challenges. They managed to stay friends and comrades even when they were separated with Mandela being incarcerated on Robben Island for 27 years, and Tambo in exile for 30 years. Their life story demonstrates true friendship and exemplary leadership, sealed by shared values for justice and human rights.

Women’s Month Dialogue

To celebrate Women’s month and Oliver Tambo’s championing of women’s rights, the Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation, with support from the Department of Science and Technology, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and the Thabo Mbeki Foundation hosted a cross-generational Women’s month dialogue, addressing issues faced by women today and in Oliver Tambo’s time.

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