Honouring and promoting the legacies of Oliver & Adelaide Tambo

The Tambo name is synonymous with integrity, humility, selfless leadership, patriotism, courage and conviction. The Tambos dedicated their lives to the struggle for a democratic South Africa – one in which all would be treated as equals and reap the benefits of a free and fair democratic dispensation.


The Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation presents the Tambo101 Campaign to honour O.R .Tambo’s 101st year, and use his memory to galvanise South Africans into espousing the values that made him the outstanding, committed leader that he was.

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The Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation is a public benefit organisation that was established in 2011 to promote, protect and preserve the legacies of married freedom fighters and doyens of democracy, Oliver and Adelaide Tambo.


The Foundation actively promotes the memory of the Tambos through education, community-upliftment, arts & culture, and women-empowerment initiatives, amongst others. Additionally, we host a number of dialogues with institutions of higher learning and other stakeholders in the private and public sector that seek to instil the values for which the Tambos stood in future generations.


We believe that these values, such as collective leadership, humility, integrity, justice, equality, and pan-Africanism, are critical in consolidating our democracy and providing future leaders with the tools to reinforce the gains made by Tambo.





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Established in 2011, the Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (s18A) that relies on donations in order to protect, preserve and promote the legacies of Oliver and Adelaide Tambo, and carry out the programmes that we undertake.

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3 days ago

Oliver and Adelaide Tambo were passionate about education. They understood that education was the cornerstone upon which a healthy society is built, and were well known for ensuring that young people in exile received further schooling. ...

5 days ago

Congresswoman Maxine Waters was featured on Time magazine’s 2018 list of the 100 most influential people in the world.This year she will deliver the O.R. Tambo Memorial Lecture on 26 October 2019.

5 days ago

Our Business Breakfast in October will feature fascinating insights from three top financial and academic thinkers. Addressing the theme of, “Realising Tambo’s Vision for an Equal Society: A Retrospective of 25 Years of Democracy” ...

6 days ago

Today's annual lecture, which takes place at the Sci-Bono Auditorium in Newtown will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of some of the Rivonia Trialists. You can join us by sending an RSVP to eventsakf@gmail.com or you can cal...

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