Honouring and promoting the legacies of Oliver & Adelaide Tambo

The Tambo name is synonymous with integrity, humility, selfless leadership, patriotism, courage and conviction. The Tambos dedicated their lives to the struggle for a democratic South Africa – one in which all would be treated as equals and reap the benefits of a free and fair democratic dispensation.

O.R. Tambo Africa Research Chairs Initiative

The O.R. Tambo Africa Research Chairs Initiative (ORTARCHI) aims to honour a leading figure in the
development of African unity; have a catalytic impact on the development of research infrastructure
on the continent; and contribute to knowledge production and high-end skills.

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The Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation is a public benefit organisation that was established in 2011 to promote, protect and preserve the legacies of married freedom fighters and doyens of democracy, Oliver and Adelaide Tambo.


The Foundation actively promotes the memory of the Tambos through education, community-upliftment, arts & culture, and women-empowerment initiatives, amongst others. Additionally, we host a number of dialogues with institutions of higher learning and other stakeholders in the private and public sector that seek to instil the values for which the Tambos stood in future generations.


We believe that these values, such as collective leadership, humility, integrity, justice, equality, and pan-Africanism, are critical in consolidating our democracy and providing future leaders with the tools to reinforce the gains made by Tambo.




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Established in 2011, the Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (s18A) that relies on donations in order to protect, preserve and promote the legacies of Oliver and Adelaide Tambo, and carry out the programmes that we undertake.

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6 days ago

The first President of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, would have turned 99 today. He was a close friend of O.R. Tambo and ally to the anti-apartheid movement....

1 week ago

Today, on the 1-year anniversary of his death, we remember Collins Khosa. Khosa died after an altercation with SANDF soldiers 2 weeks after the lockdown came into effect.

1 week ago

On 10th of April 1993, Chris Hani was gunned down by the racist, anti-communist, Janusz Waluś, using Conservative Party member Clive Derby Lewis's gun. He was murdered just over a year before South Africa got the freedom he dedicated en...

1 week ago

O.R. Tambo and Winnie Mandela both come from Bizana in the Eastern Cape? O.R. nicknamed Winnie “Nomzamo” and the Tambos introduced her to Nelson Mandela.

2 weeks ago

To celebrate the 116th birthday of Helen Joseph, Google on Thursday featured a doodle in honour of the late South African anti-apartheid activist.

2 weeks ago

RT : On this day in 1905, South African anti-apartheid activist, trade unionist, gender activist and internationalist Comrade Helen Joseph was born. Joseph was one of the activists who refused to tie their Jewish identity to...

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