The Tambo Foundation is proud to partner with Generation Z in their We Are Democracy Campaign. Leading up to the 2019 general elections and celebrations of 25 of democracy Generation Z is engaging in a multi-disciplined campaign across new media platforms, particularly social media, traditional media and community media aimed at the youth.


With 35.9 million eligible voters, 17.7 million constitute youth but there are approximately only 7.9 million currently registered to vote. It is anticipated that less than half will turn out to vote on election day.


We Are Democracy seeks to empower the youth and inspire them to make a statement about the world they want today and the future they seek. Our democracy was fought for over many years and it is both a right and a responsibility to ensure its preservation. A democracy cannot exist without the participation of its citizens.


The campaign is in line with the values the Tambos possessed and emphasises the need to vote in sustaining the hard-won democracy for which they so tirelessly fought.


The campaign, We Are Democracy, will be ongoing and its work will continue after the 2019 general elections. We believe an ongoing civic education and engagement campaign is necessary to enhance citizens own civic activism and political participation through voting, responding to legislation and other means of advocacy.


For more information on the campaign, follow @Democracy_za on Twitter and @democracy_sa on Instagram.