Nkantolo Education Project

About This Project

Now in its fourth year, the Nkantolo Education Project is the Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation’s (‘the Foundation’) flagship community outreach programme. The programme was developed to keep girls in school through the provision of sanitary pads in four schools in Nkantolo, Oliver Tambo’s birthplace. Boys have received the benefit of dignity packs and the project also provides sexual health talks to learners. As part of the project, the Foundation has also been providing support to Qobo Clinic, which services a population of approximately 1500 people per month.

Nkantolo is an extremely impoverished area in which the majority of the population is unable to afford basic necessities such as hygiene products. This has a direct negative impact on girls of menstruating age – the unaffordability of sanitary towels results in girls missing school during their monthly cycle, impacting on their right to basic education. In line with the Foundation’s aim of providing youth-focused, community-based projects that promote, preserve and protect the legacies of the Tambos, thus improving lives, it is imperative that this project continues to assist these most-deserving girls.

In order to effectively implement the project, we have been in a longstanding partnership with the Imbumba Foundation, who has been our strategic implementation partner since the programme’s inception. This partnership has grown from strength to strength and the increase of the scope to include the provision of dignity packs and sexual health education was as a result of this partnership. The project has been supported by Aspen Pharmacare for two years and in this period, we have implemented three drives together.

Our seventh distribution took place on the 3rd of March 2020. To date, we have distributed over 50 000 packets of sanitary towels to the girls at Kantolo JSS, Qobo JSS, Marelane SSS, O.R. Tambo Technical High School, and Qobo Clinic.

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March 2020

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