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Directed by Connie Field, the 8th instalment of the Have You Heard from Johannesburg documentary series was released on the 10th of December 2017 at the Women’s Gaol at Constitution Hill.


Titled “Oliver Tambo”, the film explores O.R.’s life. The eighth instalment of the Have You Heard from Johannesburg documentary films, “Oliver Tambo”, is an intimate and personal look at the life of O.R., including rarely seen footage of him in action. The film not only shows the politics of the man, but also shines a light on a life lived with principles and ethics, and values such as compassion, inclusion, social justice and equality.


2017 marked what would have been Oliver Reginald Tambo’s 100th birthday. Born on the 27th of October 1917, in the village of Nkantolo, Pondoland, his stewardship of the African National Congress during his 30 years in exile raised its international prestige and status to that of an alternative to the then Pretoria Government. He not only kept the ANC unified, but his calls to the international community to isolate and sanction the South African apartheid regime created the most globalised human rights struggle of the 20th century. During his years in the ANC, Oliver Tambo played a major role in the growth and development of the movement and its policies, as well as of the African continent. By the time of his death in April 1993, the son of Machi Mzimeni Tambo and Julia Tambo was loved and respected the world over, and his legacy lives on in the constitutional foundation of democratic South Africa.


Oliver Tambo is the final chapter of the series Have You Heard from Johannesburg series, and released in his centennial year, a fitting end.


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