Sanitary Towel Initiative – 30 August 2018

About This Project

Our pledge to assist the girl learners in Nkantolo with sanitary towels continued in 2018. During our January 2018, we pledged to assist the best-performing school in the (Mount Zion) district, Marhelane High School. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Aspen Pharmacare, we managed to add the school to our roster, and we paid a visit to our now four schools to supply them with another 6-month supply of sanitary towels.


As always, our visits were accompanied by a health/puberty talk by the Imbumba Foundation at each school, educating the girls about the changes their bodies would experience – both physically and emotionally. The girls asked a variety of questions and were given tools on how to talk to their loved ones about menstruation. Our partner, Aspen Pharmacare, also shared a few words with the learners.


Our visit to Nkantolo was, as usual, productive and prosperous.

If you’d like to pledge your support towards our Nkantolo Sanitary Towel Project, please email Any assistance with uniforms and school bags will also be greatly appreciated.


August 2018


Nkantolo, Eastern Cape

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