The Constitution – Intention vs Implementation

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Topic: The Constitution – Intention vs Implementation



Justice Albie Sachs: Former Justice of The Constitutional Court of South Africa

Ms Thandiwe Matthews: Attorney and Doctoral Researcher


South Africa’s Constitution is admired the world over. It incorporates hard-won political and civil rights, and many socio-economic rights. In this webinar, Justice Albie Sachs will explain what the foundations of the Constitution are, why it was developed in the manner that it was and what its desired outcomes for the people. Young attorney and PhD candidate studying governance, law and social justice, Ms Thandiwe Matthews, will be in conversation with Justice Sachs and give her views on the topic from a contemporary, youth perspective highlighting some of the discrepancies between the ideals laid out in our constitution and the lived reality of the majority of people. Ultimately, the webinar aims to provide insight into how best to debate whether the Constitution can be used as a vehicle for meaningful growth and transformation. Should it be reformed to better implement its provisions?

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December 2020

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