GIBS Water Debate – The Future of Water Security In South Africa

GIBS Water Debate – The Future of Water Security In South Africa

On the 17th September 2015, The Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation & The Gordon Institute of Business Science held a strategic dialogue on The Future of Water Security in South Africa and SADC.

Water, an immensely valuable resource, is becoming scarcer, and radical measures need to be put in place to stop the water crisis globally. Water scarcity is real: it affects an excess of 2.8 billion people in the world – climate change, and overuse of water and poor upkeep of infrastructure development are exacerbating the already volatile situation. South Africa, which is considered a water scarce country, is already experiencing water shedding in some provinces like KwaZulu Natal. ls water the new business risk? If so, how should companies respond? In a collaboration between the Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation and the Gordon Institute of Business Science, a dialogue around key questions concerning South Africa’s water options was held.

The panel will included:

  • Dr Anthony Turton, Environmental Advisor I Speaker I Author.
  • Jacques Laubscher, Senior Associate, GIBB Consulting Engineers.
  • Steve Hedden, ISS participate, the lead author on the water paper.
  • Peter Lukey, Chief Policy Advisor: Strategic Environmental Intelligence, Department Environmental Affairs.
  • Rivaj Parbhu, Manager, Control Risks.
  • Andre Kruger, Public Sector and PPP Financing Specialist- Barclays Africa.

The dialogue was  moderated by Marius Oosthuizen from GIBS.